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Michael Humphries and Michael Humphries Woodworking have been long time donors of time, energy and resources to local, regional and world organizations from local meal sites, libraries and churches to national environmental agencies and public radio and television. Michael was one of the initial founders of the current Warwick Arts Council which funds local art shows, musical performances and scholarships for art studies.

MHW annually donates to The Foundation for Excellence in Education, Big Brothers and Sisters as well as many local charities. Michael and his staff frequently volunteer to cook for meal sites in the area. Donations of furniture and woodwork items to fund raising auctions for institutions such as regional orchestras, libraries and municipal charities is one of our favorite avenues for lending a helping hand. Michael recently made a generous contribution to the Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust.

Michael Humphries Woodworking takes great pride in its environmentally conscious and sustainable operations as well as its commitment to community service and social awareness. MHW works with the Mass Woodlands Cooperative, LLC, founded with the purpose of sustaining the working forests of the region. MHW is an active member of the North Quabbin Woods project supporting the development of local wood craftsmen and the use of sustainable forest products. MHW designed a more energy efficient shop, equipped with a new solar configuration and has restored two additional buildings using energy efficient technologies; one for use as a gallery, the other for manufacturing. By recycling sawdust and mill by-products for farm use and heat, MHW endeavors to maintain the smallest carbon footprint possible.

"To me, being a good steward of our planet is just as important as perfecting the details of each woodworking project we do."

Michael Humphries

From its humble start in a small barn workshop in Western MA, Michael Humphries Woodworking has grown into a well-equipped workshop with an experienced and efficient team of skilled craftsmen and team managers.

"I thoroughly enjoy the development of every woodworking project from the initial interview with a potential client to seeing the finished work standing in place. I encourage my clients to envision and strive for woodwork they will want to live with for years to come." -- Michael Humphries
Michael Humphries was born in 1947 and raised in Pennsylvania, a lifelong wood hobbyist who majored in English literature while in college. He learned his trade through years of working with other skilled craftsmen. A graduate of Haverford College and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (M Ed. '72), Michael Humphries previously worked in educational video production before returning to woodworking in 1974. Since its inception, Michael Humphries Woodworking has set the highest standards for honesty, integrity, quality, and fairness, reflecting Michael Humphries' core values.